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typical ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ i won't treat you like you're typical ♪ ♪ i won't treat you like you're typical ♪ ♪ all i wanna get is a little bit closer ♪ ♪ all i wanna know is can you come a little closer ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: tegan and sara, "heartthrob" is the new cd. you see a bonus song at i want to thank them, jennifer lawrence, katie couric. i want to apologize to matt damon, we did run out of time for him tonight. "nightline" is next. thank you for watching. good night. ,,
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. tonight on "nightline," we have a pope. the former arch bish often of buenos aires is the first pope ever from latin america and he is poised to lead 1.2 billion catholics. history in the may knowing on a special edition of "nightline." pray for me. against the odds. how a 76-year-old jesuit with health issues rose to papal fame. reactions are pouring in from around the world. and the road ahead. steering the catholic church. it won't be easy. what challenges await?
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from vatican city. the new pope francis. >> good evening from vatican city. thanks for joining us. a night of excitement and a night of firsts. 1.2 catholics rejoice as the 266th pope is chosen. what a surprising choice it really was. jorge marie over bergoglio is his name. the first pontiff from the americas, first jesuit pope, first noneuropean in almost 1,300 years. he is also the first francis. tonight we go inside this historic development for the faith. 7:06 p.m. rome time. white smoke. as that smoke rose and billowed into the night air, st. peter's square erupted.
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it was a moment of pure joy for them. a profound prayer of the chance to witness history. soon the square was packed with more than 100,000 rain-soaked people. their eyes turned upward in anticipation to the red draped windows of st. peter's. everyone waiting to see the new pope. the vatican band marched into cheers, followed by the swiss guard, the pope's personal troop. and then -- the french cardinal came to pronounce the famous words. habemus papam. >> but who? >> jorge mario bergoglio of argentina waited in the wings, vatican tv capturing the moments before he greeted the world under his new name.
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pope francis i. a latin american where 40% of the world's catholics now live. back loam in argentina, ecstatic news broadcasts. proclaimed the history in this moment. el papa es argentina. >> so much new about this. it is a latin american for the first time. a jesuit for the first time. he's taken the name of st. francis for the first time, clearly a signal that he wants to show a different face of the church. the face of the poor. >> reporter: he spoke softly and simply in italian, addressing the crowd and the world as brothers and sisters. his first act as pope -- was to pray the lord's prayer. the hail mary. >> reporter: when you look at that piazza and you look around the world, at the celebrations around the world, you have to realize it is a moment of an adoption.
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a billion catholics have just been adopted by a new spiritual father. >> reporter: it is such a monumental and a grand scene. the pope has such power. but as if to comment on all that, he then did something popes don't do. before giving his blessing, he asked for theirs, for ours, and bowed in silence. >> reporter: he is staking out new ground. he is announcing that he will do things differently. he is 76 years old, the son of italian immigrants to argentina who trained as a chemist and danced the tango before discovering his call to the priest hood. he is a jesuit, the religious group that played such a powerful role in the church. at times drifting too far to the left for the vatican. the conventional catholic wisdom had it that no jesuit would ever become pope. >> i think it is safe to say the jesuits are no longer in the dog house with the vatican. they were found in the 1540.
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as a jesuit, the new pope francis will have been living vows of poverty, chastity, obedience and the spirituality of finding god in all things. >> reporter: as archbishop of buenosaries, he struck a different profile from the princes of the church, living simply, blasting the privileged. >> he doesn't have a driver and a car. he takes public transportation. he doesn't live in a palace as most residential arch bishops do. he lives in a simple apartment. he cooks his own meals. >> reporter: and he chose the name francis to reflect that commitment to simplicity. the name of one of the most revolutionary figures in all of history, st. francis of assisi who lived a life of radical poor for the planet. >> i've always been surprise that had no pope has chosen francis. it says poverty, simplicity, working with the poor. i think that's what the church is about. particularly in the developing world and the southern hem fear so it is a reminder of a christ life of poverty.
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just by the choice of name, he has reminded us all of that. >> reporter: can a pope live simply? >> that will be interesting to find out. one of the problems of the church's credibility is that almost everything a pope does is framed in this kind of guilt frame of beauty and art and opulent. and it will be interesting to see if this pope does things differently. >> reporter: but pope francis is also a staunch traditionalist. he has compared abortion to a death sentence and called gay marriage destructive of god's plan. for the faithful in st. peter's square including many americans, this was about the future. about renewal. >> do you feel like in a way, a religious inauguration. that feeling of hope and a new beginning. a page turning. >> this is a great time to be catholic. >> reporter: cardinal timothy dolan of new york told reporters, there were high spirits inside the vatican too. >> we toasted him and then he toasted us. he said may god forgive you. >> reporter: high above them
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all, this shy man of latin america gave the traditional papal blessing to the city and the world. and then -- [ chanting ] >> reporter: he said a simple good night and slipped back into his new home, his new and very different life. the beginning of an historic journey for that man, pope francis, and for the faith. next up, the reactions here in vatican city and from excited catholics right around the world. it's not what you think. it's a phoenix with 4 wheels. it's a hawk with night vision goggles. it's marching to the beat of a different drum.
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mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. back in arch arch, he lived simply, humbly. unlike his predecessor, a man known by the world over, pope francis was largely mysterious to many before today. that's all over now though. and many catholics are rejoicing at the change. as abc's david wright reports. >> reporter: first impressions matter. for popes, every bit as much as for ordinary people. this pope tonight was very much a first impression. his name, unfamiliar even to some of the priests in this
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crowd. >> someone said bergoglio and we needed someone else from argentina to tell us that he was from argentina. >> you thought he might be italian. >> i think his name sounds italian, sure. >> was he who you were expecting? >> not even close. not even on page 2. >> reporter: so different from eight years ago when the man who stemmed out on that balcony was the one cardinal whose name everyone knew. tonight it was a man they didn't expect. he had them at hello. >> nobody knew bergoglio. the smile on the man's face and the humility on his face was extraordinary. >> the fact that they've chosen a man from the third world country. i think it is tremendous. >> that was the view of europeans in this crowd. for latin americans, this was a moment 500 years in the making. in mexico city, and lima, peru, and especially, buenos aires.
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>> translator: i always said he will be one of the best popes we ever had and thank god he is from argentina. >> reporter: the church has validated one of their own, acknowledging for the first time in 1,000 years that europe doesn't have a monopoly on the papacy. >> we're very, very happy. we believe that this is a moment in argentinian history that is very important for us to have an argentinian pope. >> it is a remind per the center of gravity has shifted from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere where all the growth in the catholic church is happening. >> reporter: first, not for just the new world but for the missionaries who brought the faith there. he is the first jesuit pope. the idea of a jesuit pope was once as unthinkable as an american pope. >> historically there has been a lot of fear of jesuits. but that doesn't seem to be a problem anymore. >> reporter: this was a victory for georgetown and fordham, too.
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>> we kind of stressed the principles of jesuits and for the greater glory of god. it is pretty cool to have something we're educated on and knowledgeable about to have the leader of our catholic church. >> reporter: one more first, his name. the tip of the hat to the humble saint from assisi. patron of the poor. the fact that he chose to be called francis was a definite crowd pleaser. >> what does it say about him right away? >> i say simplicity, purity, honesty, a simpler way of life. that the church should be simple. and i think, you know, he goes to work, i understand. >> reporter: all of it signaling the chart of a new chapter for the catholic church. >> hope to another country. >> reporter: like winning the world cup. >> right. >> reporter: as first impressions go, not bad at all.
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i'm david wright for "nightline" in rome. >> a great day for argentina, no doubt about it. thanks for that. and now for more reaction from the americas. my co-anchor cynthia mcfadden is at the anchor desk in new york. >> thank you. good evening, everyone. reactions here in the u.s. came from all over, including the white house where president obama welcomed pope francis saying in a statement, quote, alongside millions of hispanic americans, those of us in the united states share the joy of this historic day. for more we turn to my colleague, univision. >> nice to talk to you. >> nice to talk to you. let's start the reaction, of course, in arch arch was enormous. you've been talking to colleagues all across south america. >> i have not seen that kind of reaction in argentina since their football team won in the world cup. as you know, argentina is a very
12:55 am
catholic country, about 76% are catholic. more importantly, not just argentina but the whole region. most of the catholics in the world are in the latin american region. over 40%. and it is a very important area for the church because that's also where they're losing a lot of followers. it is no wonder that one of the last things that benedict xvi said is that the future of the church is in the latin american region. that was a few days before he left his papacy. it might have been a sign that, to the cardinals that that is the region or the direction where they needed to look when they had to make that very important decision in the sistine chapel. >> of course, it is also an enormous moment for hispanics in this country. the reaction has been powerful. tell us a little more about that as well. >> definitely. this is a latin american story. it has become the hope of so many. as we know, the catholic church in the united states has grown because of immigrants.
12:56 am
because of his spannics. because they are so catholic, most from mexico. of course the reaction in mexico was also very positive. an overall excitement in most of latin american countries to have someone that speaks their own language. that understands the problems that latin america is going through. and certainly, now pope francis, francisco as we call him, he has confronted the argentina government on many occasions because of poverty and because of some of the very liberal laws that have been approved in argentina such as same sex marriage. so i think that gives us more or less a glimpse of who he is, what we can expect from him. a very conservative line theologically. >> that simple wooden cross today, a reminder of his commitment to the poor as he wore it on the balcony. having said all that, how surprised were you personally today when you found out this
12:57 am
would in fact be the next pope? >> very surprised. we thought there was a possibility it might be someone from latin america and we had thought of someone from brazil. even a cardinal from mexico or from honduras. but pope francis was not even on the short list of possible papal candidates. so it was a surprise. and to many, it was a very pleasant surprise. >> thank you so much for your help in our coverage tonight. you've certainly added to our understanding. when we come back, we'll go to vatican city where my co-anchor will have more on what lies ahead with the new pope. great first gig! let's go! party! awwwww... arigato! we are outta here!
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as the world waits to find out more about the new pope, the white house said vice president biden will attend the mass. and you've been here reporting on the o'this all week. in a big picture way, what does this mean? what does it say the cardinals have chosen this man? >> it says they're ready to make a big change. benedict after john paul ii was continuity. this is a huge difference. instead of the cerebral theologian, you have this down to earth man of the people and of course, he is from the new world.
1:04 am
that is a very big deal for this church. it really does still consider us in the western hemisphere as newcomers to civilization. so that is something enormous. then the final thing that we've made a deal of today, but it is worth talking about, is that he is a jesuit. and there has never been a jesuit pope. in fact, there's been tremendous animosity between the jesuit order and the vatican where the vatican often repressed jesuits, silenced prominent jesuits, theologians, and all of a sudden, there's a jesuit pope. this is a big change for the church. >> framed francis. choosing the name francis. what do you make of him? >> we don't know him well. he seem to be a down to earth man who, he did take the vow of poverty, unlike most of the

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